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New patch
A new patch was finished yesterday that will fix some things from the previous patch. It also adds some new things in, as well.

Patch updates:

-Fixed the issue with only windowed mode working.

-Fixed the issue with the Prison map. The Prison will now be accessible from BSD2 and from the NPC on Street 1 (costs Money).

-Adds a new set of armor: Wyvern set+1. The pieces in this set all have a 20% increase in defense and attack. Stats are increased by 50-100. Level requirement is 800.

-Adds a new item to the Durability Trader that warns people not to sell more than one item at a time.

-Recipe sheets/schematics were renamed, but that really is not too important since they will probably serve no use in the future.

Download links:

Patch with ALT modification

Patch without ALT modification

Posted by GMScar on Tuesday, May 03 @ 12:35:01 UTC , Score: 0)

Patch release + event schedule
On November 22 there was a patch released that allowed the maps that were taken down to be put back up. There was also some other changes and updates, as well. You can read up on everything it contains here:

11/22/2010 Patch Information

Here are some links to the patch downloads, as well as the full installers:

Full Installers:

Full Installer with ALT modification

Full Installer without ALT modification

Small Patches:

Patch with ALT modification

Patch without ALT modification

I know that there has not been an event for a while, but there are a few coming up. Here is the current event schedule that I have come up with:

December 4th-5th: Increased Durability Drops + One shade of uniques restored
December 6th-10th: Free Signus Warps + Character Egger
December 11th-12th: Double Experience
December 13th-17th: Character Egger+
December 18th-19th: Increased LM gambling success
December ??-??: Santa spawns (I am unsure of when they start and stop spawning)

There may be more added in later but that is all for now.

Posted by GMScar on Tuesday, November 30 @ 19:07:46 UTC , Score: 0)

Server back online!
After a long time dealing with computer issues and other problems, the server is back online now!

We are still working on getting some things working, like the Map Status script and Mystery Bag (Redmoon Fortune) item. We hope to have those done soon.

To celebrate the server going back online, there is currently a Double Experience event. The Free Signus Transport script is also up so that everyone who has done all of their quests can go to Signus faster. There will be more added onto the event in the next couple of days. We hope you all enjoy it.

The Undying Dream Staff.

Posted by GMScar on Sunday, March 14 @ 05:09:36 UTC , Score: 0)

News: Downloads are back online!
After a long time of having trouble with our old host, we are finally able to put back the downloads on the site. The reason it took so long is because I had to find a program to make new installation files. And this program was not easy to learn to work with. But after a lot of work, I have successfully made all patches/misc. downloads into installation files to make it easier for everyone to use.

Everyone should now be able to access the Downloads link which will be in the menu on your left.

If you find any bugs what so ever, please post them on the forum in the Website section.

The Undying Dream Staff.

Posted by GMDragon on Tuesday, April 14 @ 03:36:15 UTC , News | Score: 0)

News: Welcome to the new site!
Welcome to the new site people.

As you can notice, everything looks pretty much the same as before. You will also be able to login with all the same info as before.

If you run into any bugs, please post them in the forum. I'll make a new post for it in the Website section.

I hope you all enjoy it here. Things should be a lot better now.

The Undying Dream Staff.

Posted by GMDragon on Saturday, March 21 @ 14:19:30 UTC , News | Score: 0)

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